Infinitus Advocates Four Habits to Popularize Public Health Awareness

As many countries are stepping into aging society, public health gradually commands people’s attention, leading to rapid development in health industry.

This year, COVID-19 brings an unprecedented healthcare crisis to the world, which further emphasizes the importance of health and wellbeing in protecting and fighting against diseases.

Infinitus (China), as a health products company established in 1992, takes its responsibility of improving health literacy of larger population for a long time.

“Nourish from Within, Get a Healthy Life”, the Infinitus’ unique health concept aims to better meet the health needs of people, derived from the culture of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Based on the concept, Infinitus (China) provide a set of simple and practical methods for the public to help boost the immune system and achieve physical and mental balance.

Infinitus (China) advocates four sensible health habits, including a well-rounded diet, sufficient rest, daily exercise and emotional balance.

Vegetables and fruits are necessary for a healthy body, Infinitus (China) suggests to keep a healthy diet habit of having nutritious and balanced diets, by eating more fruits and vegetables while consuming less meat and ending a meal when 70% full.

Enough sleep is another key factor to enhance immunity for a healthy life. The high-quality sleep is a good rest for the organs of the body. Infinitus (China) suggests to sleep before 11 p.m. and take a 20-minute afternoon nap.

Regular exercise is always good for general population. Exercise can help enhance cardiovascular functions, stimulate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and reduce stress. Infinitus (China) also proposed an aerobics for life-nurturing, which combines the concepts and principles of Tai Ji and modern kinematics.

Finally, staying calm, pursuing hobbies and maintaining a positive mindset can help achieve the emotional balance needed for mental wellbeing. Both of physical and mental health are required for a health life.

Through various activities such as hosting seminars, forums, and partnering with media, Infinitus (China) helps the public increase their health awareness, and build better, healthier lives.